We invite you to unplug from the everyday to experience the Galapagos Islands at their most natural. Our Galapagos Magic safari-style tented camp puts you in the heart of the Santa Cruz highlands nestled inside a wildlife sanctuary and allows you to truly connect with the rhythm of the Islands. Immersed in nature, you will be mesmerized by endless views, soothed by the sounds of the wildlife outside your tent and enchanted by the star-filled skies.

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Private daily activities in Santa Cruz. There is so much to do in the Galapagos, but we know that not everyone wants to do the same thing! That is why we are pleased to offer our ‘a la carte’ activities. You can create the perfect combination of activities just for you – as many or as few as you wish. From hiking and kayaking to exploring uninhabited islands, we offer myriad adventures for you to get to know the Islands.

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The Galapagos Marine Reserve is the second largest marine reserve in the world and due to the convergence of cold and warm currents, the Reserve hosts a myriad of life for you to enjoy. The underwater world of Galapagos was voted best diving in 2000 by Rodale’s Scuba Diving Magazine and is one of the last places where you can dive with large schools of sharks!

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Are you an independent traveler? You can enjoy Galapagos Magic on your own! We have many choices of activities available to you. You can completely customize your visit and make your own schedule, creating a unique visit to the Islands! Transportation is included only from Magic to Puerto Ayora and the way back.

You have multiple choices of activities available (organized at additional cost or self-guided). Each activity has a duration of 3 to 4 hours.

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Every island in the Galapagos has something different to offer, and while taking a cruise can be a good option, land-based touring and island-hopping gives travelers the chance to not only experience the wildlife on different islands, but the life on different islands. Each of the inhabited islands has a special feel and its own culture, while the uninhabited islands make for great day visits. Try our island-hopping adventure program to get to know the islands in a different, more intimate way.

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