The intimate property offers a variety of lodging styles to suit every traveler. Our accommodations have been designed to connect guests with the nature surrounding them. Our warm and talented staff treat every guest like family, making a stay a true home away from home experience.


Galapagos is Giant Tortoises (Tortugas). There is no other way to describe it. Found in only one other place in the world, these magnificent slow moving animals are a wonder of nature and a throwback to more tranquil times, when the world moved at a slower pace. And Galapagos Magic is where you’ll see hundreds of these stately animals in their natural habitat, roaming freely over the highlands of Santa Cruz Island. A sight not to be missed!



We recommend a stay from 1-4 nights, depending on your plans (though of course, we think the longer, the better).

  • Are you taking a cruise but want the chance to relax on land a bit? Spend a night or two with us and settle in to feel the pace of the Islands and the tranquility they offer.
  • Are you staying in Santa Cruz but looking for more than the typical hustle and bustle of Puerto Ayora? Spend a night with us to get a sense of the peace and uniqueness of the highlands.
  • Are you planning an island-hopping journey through the Galapagos? Give us two nights of your time and we’ll immerse you in the Santa Cruz highlands and the wonderful wildlife that calls the area home
  • Are you committed to spending time on a land-based adventure? Spend anywhere from 2-5 nights with us to experience a respite from the everyday. You’ll have the chance to unplug, but also to enjoy the adventure and history of the highlands.

When To visit

The Galapagos Islands have a cool, subtropical climate. The coastal regions are arid and covered with plants adapted to desert conditions. The upper part of the islands tend to be humid throughout the year and have lush vegetation. The climate is determined by shifting ocean currents. There are only two seasons a year, and both see minor rains.

Galápagos Weather

Isla Santa Cruz, Galápagos EC.

From December to May

Warm season the weather is hot and sunny with sporadic rains, the temperature ranges between 20° C to 31° C. We suggest wearing shorts, t-shirts and comfortable shoes for walks. A light sweater could be useful at night in the highlands.

From June to November

A steady wind blows while temperature drops, ranging between 25° C to 16° C. This season is known as the garúa (fog). For this cooler season, we recommend long pants and a lightweight, waterproof sweater or jacket.

How to get to our lodge?

Closest Domestic Airport:

The main points of entry to Ecuador are Quito and Guayaquil.

From either city, there are multiple daily flights to Baltra Island, the closest airport to Galapagos Magic.

From the Baltra Airport, you take the bus to cross the Itabaca Channel to Santa Cruz Island by ferry. From there, it is a 20 minute drive to Galapagos Magic.

Come and experience the magic at Galapagos Magic